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We are committed to delivering a professional and personal service to our students.

Our mission is to help you discover Russia, our language and culture.

Welcome to our Prospect Russian Language Centre !

You are only at the beginning of one of the most exciting journeys of your life – Learning Russian in Russia – right in the heart of the city! The Russian Language Centre believes that progress in language learning is achieved by creating a stimulating, supportive and active learning environment in which the needs of each student can be met. Our Language Centre, in St.Petersburg, is a school with a good reputation for providing a wide range of quality Russian language courses, expert teaching and excellent student services. There are classes available for all levels from beginner to advanced. Apart from our main courses we have a variety of specialized courses and lessons available.



Whether you learn Russian in Russia for your education, your career or simply for an incredible life experience, we will make sure you reach your goals. Our Language courses are designed to improve your language skills in a relaxed and friendly setting. With a wide variety of options available we truly have a Language course for everyone. You will improve your language skills as well as develop an understanding of local culture and customs.



You don't have time to come to study or you are still not sure if it's a good idea or you want to pick up the most frequent words and basic knowledge first, then you can start with our trial lessons. Basic grammar & vocabulary in a real life situation.

If you would like to visit Saint-Petersburg and study with us  you can easily enroll or get recommendations on a type of course to choose, visa support, accomodation or social programme we provide. Do not hesitate to contact us.

How many Russian cities do you know? What are the most popular dishes of the Russian cuisine? How many nationalities live in the country? Answers to these and many other questions you'll find in our section dedicated to the events and facts of the culture & history. You might be surprised to know that white bears can not be found in the streets of any Russian cities but there are still so many things that make our country so unusual, amazing, mysterious and worth to be discovered.

Russia via Language

How do the Russians live? How do they speak? And what do they say in everyday life situations? You'll learn it! Summer is a wonderful season in St.Petersburg: days are long and nights are white - you'll have time for study and fun. Find out more about life in Russia and improve your skills at the same time. Social Programme - on your own or with our groups is strongly recommended!

This is our basic programme available all year round for those, who are already in Saint-Petersburg or come to work, live or study here. If you are in Russia, but still speak only English at work, in a cafe or in public transport, this is a good option for you. You can choose the intensity of your programme having 2, 4, 6, 9 hours per week according to your schedule.  One-to-one lesson option is available.

For those who are already in Russia

I live in St.Petersburg

Come and Study

We believe that your social life in St.Petersburg is equally as important as your Russian course and accommodation, to make your stay a unique and memorable experience.

Famous beautiful city so called museum under open sky, white nights, great number of original suburbs and ancient Russian towns and places of interest and others are the attractions nearby.


Accomodation is to make your stay in St.Petersburg a success, and that different people have different accommodation needs and budgets.


We, therefore, offer a wide choice of accommodation options.


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Get to know real Russia and its culture

togehter with Prospect Russian Language Centre in Saint Petersburg

Conversational Russian 10. Meet my students from UK, USA and Romania!
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