Die Unterkunft für die Zeit Ihres Sprachkurses ist ein wichtiger Aspekt, damit Sie sich wirklich wohl fühlen.  Sie haben die Wahl zwischen einer Gastfamilie, einem Zimmer in einer Wohngemeinschaft, der Unterkunft in einem Hostel oder einem Appartement.

We understand how important accommodation is to make your stay in St.Petersburg a success, and that different people have different accommodation needs and budgets. We, therefore, offer a wide choice of accommodation options including homestay, private accommodation, houseshare as well as hostels and hotels.


Accommodation is usually situated close to our school, meaning you can walk to the courses and to the city centre.

If you have any queries about accommodation options, please contact us.


Live in someone’s home as a member of the family. Homestay is an ideal type of accommodation for students who wants to learn Russian fast because you will have lots of contact with local people. It is also a great way to understand local culture from real citizens.


Ideal for students wanting maximum independence. Some students like to stay in independent, private accommodation. Our Centre can help you choose studios, apartments and houses to suit your lifestyles and different budgets.

Private accommodation

Share a flat with other students. This option gives you the freedom of private accommodation at affordable price.

House Share

If you come for a short period aiming at sightseeing, enjoying life in St.Petersburg and want to forget about housekeeping.

Hostels & hotels

Please contact us for more information:


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